Strata52: AI Strategy Consultants

Certified Partner Network

S52 Certified Partner Network

A prestigious network of industry experts, motivated by solving difficult business problems with proven AI technologies.

Shebaz Dhillon


Strategy and Operations Manager at Deloitte

e-commerce • SaaS

Certified AI Strategist

Felix Lluberes


Founder & CEO of Position Logic & Executive Vice President at KORE

IoT • Location Based Services • Startups

Kyle Morse


Founder & CEO at AIBase & Chief Strategy Officer at FRX

e-commerce • SaaS • Cannabis • Startups

Daniel Walpole


Managing Partner VPP at Verizon

IoT • Cellular • Logistics

Nick Boncich


Technology Consultant at Deloitte

Startups • Software

Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud

Rosalina Estevez


Quality Management Consultant

Healthcare • Medical Research • ISO Certifications

Matt Stiers


Chief Executive Officer at Affordable Insurance Quotes

Insurance • Healthcare • Manufacturing

Certified AI Strategist

Alex Buckles


Account Executive at Adobe

Software • SaaS • Startups

Daniel Campbell


Director of IT & Analytics at FRX

Cannabis • Information Technology • Data Analytics

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Most frequent questions and answers

All of our Certified AI Strategists have undergone rigorous training and certification in AI strategy development and implementation. They bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and real-world experience in applying AI to drive business results. Many of our strategists hold advanced degrees in fields such as computer science, data science, and business, and have a proven track record of leading successful AI initiatives.

We carefully match Certified AI Strategists with clients based on a variety of factors, including industry expertise, specific AI use cases, and alignment with the client’s business goals and culture. Our aim is to create partnerships that maximize the value of AI for each unique client. We also take into account the strategist’s communication style and approach to ensure a productive working relationship.

While our network of Certified AI Strategists (CAIS) is crucial to our ability to consistently deliver high-value engagements, we understand that some clients may wish to work with a specific CAIS on a more permanent basis. In such cases, we are open to discussing the potential recruitment of a CAIS by the client. We work closely with both the CAIS and the client to ensure a smooth transition that benefits all parties involved.

While Certified AI Strategists are primarily focused on developing and guiding the overall AI strategy, they work closely with our technical teams and the client’s in-house IT staff to ensure smooth implementation. Strategists provide high-level technical guidance and help to bridge the gap between business objectives and the practical application of AI. For more hands-on technical implementation, we have a team of AI engineers and data scientists who work in tandem with the strategists.

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